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UK prévisions - 10-02-2019
Cool on Monday
Turning milder from Tuesday

A dry and bright day with plenty of sunshine for most places under a ridge of high pressure. Local showers near east and northeastern coasts in the morning will fade - these wintry over higher ground. High cloud may slowly build in western areas, turning sunshine hazier with time. A northwesterly breeze will drop light, turning to the southwest across Ireland and western Britain. After a chilly start, temperatures will lift slowly to 4 to 9C, highest toward the southwest.

Monday Night
Breezy and cloudy overnight in the north and west with some light rain or drizzle for western parts of Ireland and northern and western Scotland. Clearer skies in the south and east will allow some fog or mist patches to develop here by Tuesday morning. Low temperatures falling to 0 to 4C across England, Scotland and Wales; 2 to 8C for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

High pressure lies to the southeast whilst fronts move into the northwest of the British Isles. A slight frost in the morning for central and southern England and Wales, possible fog patches. Cloud will thicken in the north and west, with patchy rain or drizzle for Ireland, western Scotland and western coasts of England and Wales. Sunshine holding on across east and southeastern areas. A breeze from the southwest. Milder than previous days, reaching 7 to 11C for most.

Milder air extends widely across the British Isles on south to southwesterly winds. Blustery in the north and northwest. Lighter winds toward the southeast may result in fog patches in the morning. Dry for most, with variable cloud and some sun. Patchy drizzly rain for western Scotland and western parts of Ireland. Temperatures reaching 9 to 11C, locally a degree or so higher to the lee of high ground.

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