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UK prévisions - 01-12-2021
Changeable, hill snow
Colder at times.

A dry and reasonably settled day with any showers reserved for northern and eastern coasts, falling mainly as rain, although some wintriness in possible especially in Scotland. There will be some sunny spells at times, particularly in central areas although coupled with a chilly north to northwesterly breeze. Temperatures of 2 to 5C across England, with highs of 1 to 4C across Scotland.

Thursday Night
A spell of rain and hill snow will move southeastwards across the UK overnight, with some temporary accumulations possible above 200m, with mostly rain in southwestern parts of England. This will clear by dawn with some clear spells following behind. Lows of 1 to 4C for most areas. Friday
An unsettled day for England and Wales with low pressure firmly in control. A breezy day with showers or longer spells of rain at times, particularly in the south and west. Drier across Northern England and eastern Scotland. Rain moves into the west during the evening. Highs of 5 to 8C across England and Wales, 3 to 6C across Scotland.

Low pressure firmly in control with showers or longer spells moving in from the northwest at times, with areas further east likely to remain driest. Most of the rain and hill snow will be close to the coast, but some showers may move inland at times driven by the strong breeze, accompanied by possible hail and thunder. Temperatures of 4 to 6C in the south, 2 to 6C in the north.

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