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UK prévisions - 03-07-2020
Rain and wind
Sunny spells Sunday

A series of fronts extend across the country, with areas of persistent rain, heavy at times, particularly over western hills of Wales. Drier toward eastern counties of England. Mostly cloudy skies. Showery rain across Scotland and Ireland, sometimes setting in. Strongest southwesterly winds toward the south of Britain. Feeling quite humid, and fairly warm away from rain, highs 17 to 21C.

Saturday night
Strong west to southwesterly winds for most places overnight as low pressure moves across northern Britain. Persistent rain across many northern and western areas, heavy for a few hours, particularly over the hills. Some rain passing southeastwards, although amounts small toward eastern England. Gales around coasts and hills in the north & west. Mild in the south at 13 to 16C, lows 8 to 11C north.

A blustery day as brisk westerlies affect the British Isles. Low pressure lies to the northwest driving showery bursts of rain across the country, most frequent in western Scotland and Ireland. A mix of sunshine and heavy showers across England and Wales. Some areas escaping drier for several hours through the day. Top temperatures 19 to 22C in the Midlands and southeast, 14 to 17C north and west.

Fresh west to northwesterly winds prevail, bringing showery rain most frequent to the northern half of Britain and Ireland. Some frequent bursts of rain in places with local thunder, whilst nearby escapes more often dry. Generally drier across the southern half of Britain, with occasional sunshine. Cool in the north and west, only 13 to 16C here. Rising to highs of 21C in the southeast.

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