UK prévisions - 28-01-2023
Mosty dry
Plenty of cloud

Some spots of rain over southwest England at first Sunday morning as a very weak front clears south. Increasing winds in Scotland with thickening cloud and rain arriving in the northwest. Dry elsewhere, lots of cloud, but a few bright or sunny spells too. The rain slips southeast through Scotland during the day with sunnier skies, cooler weather and some showers following into Scotland. The rest of England and Wales is mostly dry, a fair amount of cloud again and only a few sunny spells. Patchy rain into northwest England later, and this patchy rain for western Ireland too. Becoming breezier through northern England and Ireland. Highs at 7 to 10C.

Sunday Night
Patchy rain moving into Wales, southern Ireland, central and eastern England this evening and tonight, although this fading quickly. Cooler with strong northwest winds and clearer skies in northern England and Scotland, although showers in northern and western Scotland. The showers wintry on the hills here and a risk of thunder in the north too. Lows at 1C in Scotland, 6C in southern England.

A weak ridge of high pressure building over the country on Monday morning. This brings a dry start for most, a few showers at first in northeast Scotland. Sunny spells too with broken cloud. The cloud increasing over Ireland, rain here turning drizzly. Increasing cloud in Scotland and most of western England and Wales through the morning and afternoon as patchy rain reaches the west. Turning misty on hills in the west too. Tending to stay brighter east and south. Highs at 6 to 8C.

Cloud and some patchy rain through East Anglia, the Midlands, Wales and southern England on Tuesday morning, a cold front clears south. Brighter skies follow into central and northern England as wel as Wales and Ireland. Windy in Scotland with gales in the west, cloud and wintry showers for much of northern and western Scotland as well. Highs at 4C in northern Scotland, 10C in southern England.

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