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UK prévisions - 27-02-2021
Largely dry and sunny
Mild in the day

High pressure remains over the UK and Ireland through Sunday. This will be bringing lots of dry weather and more sunshine for many. Any early morning mist and fog patches should clear quickly. Bits of cloud developing through Wales, the Midlands and northern parts of England as the day progresses with some easternmost English coasts hanging on to that cloud through much of the day. More cloud towards north and west of Scotland with the risk of the odd shower here. High temperatures range from 9 to 11 or 12C for most.

Sunday Night
A dry and clear night across the UK and Ireland but with plenty of clear skies and light winds mist and fog will develop for some. Frost is unlikely for most areas though a patchy frost may form in sheltered spots in the north and west. Overnight lows at 1 to 3C for most, possibly touching zero over higher ground and in more rural areas.

High pressure is centred to the east of the UK on Monday. A patchy frost is possible first thing over central Scotland and Northern Ireland in particular. Any early mist and fog patches should burn off quickly. Always more cloud for the far north of Scotland with thicker cloud pushing into northern England and southeast Scotland later in the day. Generally a dry and sunny day for most. Feeling warm too. Highs at 8 to 13C.

High pressure stays to the east on Tuesday with lower pressure west of Ireland. The day should be dry for many with a good deal of sunshine about, but cloud will thicken across southwest England and south Wales as the day progresses with patchy rain pushing in here too. More in the way of cloud across central and northern Scotland. A relatively mild day for all with highs between at 8 to 13C.

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