The climate of Turkmenistan is strictly continental and very dry, since the country is not surrounded from an ocean. The summer is very hot and mostly dry, but sometimes local cloudbursts and thunderstorms can occur, which can sometimes be quite heavy.

The winter is moderate, and has has frequent rains, though it rarely snows. The average temperature in January is between -6°C and +4;deg;C Celsius. The spring is short and sometimes rainy, but with only little precipitation. The autumn is mostly dry. The day time temperatures in the period between May and September can be extreme; they are often higher than 40°C.

Required clothing:
Lightweight clothes are advised for the summer months, medium- to heavyweight clothing is neccesary during the winter. Wherever you go, take a sweater for cool evenings, the difference between maxima and minima can vary significantly.

Koeppen-Geiger classification:
The climate of Turkmenistan can be classified as BWk climate; a cold desert climate with an annual average temperature lower than 18°C.