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UK prévisions - 21-12-2018
Sunny spells Saturday
Wet Sunday

A general westerly breeze across the country. A few clusters of showers for western Scotland & Ireland - may be frequent over several hours. Early showers for north-west England will tend to fade. Any showers around southern coasts will also fade. Central, south & eastern Britain often dry. A lot of cloud, but some sunshine, best toward eastern districts. High cloud will build from the south-west in the afternoon. Temperatures 6 to 8C in northern areas, 9 to 12C in the south.

Saturday night
Rain moves in from the west across Ireland into the night, and spreads to Wales and south-west England, then more widely into England and Wales before dawn. Eastern-most counties will be dry most of the night. Scotland too will be generally dry, with some clear skies, best in the north & north-east, allowing frost and some fog patches to form. Lows 5 to 8C in the south & west, but dipping to 2 to 4C for northern England and Scotland, locally colder Highland glens.

A broad swathe of rain is expected to move across England, Wales and much of Ireland, giving wet weather for much of the day. Some persistent steady rain, but this may fade to patchy drizzle. Another pulse of rain is likely to return from the south-west later. Dull, grey skies overall. Largely dry for Scotland; weak sun for the central belt and Highlands, with some fog and frost. Winds mostly light, but breezy on southern coasts. Highs 6C Scotland, up to 12C southern England.

Christmas Eve
High pressure influences the country, whilst the remnants of a front affects central-southern England and Wales. Grey skies with drizzly rain toward the south and south-west. Progressively brighter further north, with sunshine best in eastern Scotland and north-east England. Some early fog patches. Light winds overall. Temperatures ranging from 11 to 13C in the far south, to 6 to 9C for northern regions, with a frosty start in Scotland, and far north of England.

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