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UK prévisions - 05-05-2021
Sun and showers
Rain & wind Saturday

Low pressure now out over the North Sea moving into Norway on Thursday while a separate area of low pressure passes through the English Channel. Cloud along with outbreaks of patchy rain across the southwest and far southern counties of England, heavier and more persistent through the Channel Islands. Showers and longer spells of rain in Scotland, heaviest and most persistent towards the east, slipping south into northern England, snow on the hills here as a chilly northerly wind still blows through. For much of the rest of the UK and Ireland the day will be dry with some reasonable spells of sunshine, although with some scattered showers. Highs at 8 to 12C.

Thursday Night
Rain across southern areas clearing to the east through the evening with clear skies and largely dry conditions behind. For many, showers will largely fizzle out with largely dry conditions and clear skies about, however, showers will continue to push in across northern Scotland, northwest Ireland as well as through the Mersery and across north Wales. A chilly night once again, particularly under the clear skies where lows for some will drop below 0C. Where there is cloud expect lows between 1 and 4C.

Another day of sunshine and showers although showers most prevalent across Scotland and Northern Ireland initally while elsewhere staying largely dry. Showers, though, becoming widespread across northern and central England in the afternoon. Largely dry further south and across much of Ireland but cloud will thicken here in advance of another low pressure pushing towards Ireland with rain expected in the southwest of Ireland later in the day. Highs at 8C in northern Scotland, 15C in southeast England.

Low pressure just to the west of Ireland on Saturday. An area of rain spreading northwards, some heavy periods of rain over all areas before turning more showery in the west later. Windy for all. Highs at 8C in Scotland, turning milder for England, Wales and Ireland with highs here reaching 16C where the sun breaks through across Ireland and the far southeast corner of England.

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