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Europe - 07-04-2019
Bursts of rain widespread
Drier north & east

Issued: 0530hrs Sunday 7th April 2019
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Warm in Hungary and Romania

Slack low pressure lies across central Europe, resulting in widespread but disorganised areas of rain, with some thundery showers breaking out. A westerly breeze for Spain and Portugal sees wet weather move in from the west, whilst eastern Costas will be largely dry and bright, topping 20C. Bursts of rain for Italy, Greece and the Balkans. Dry and warm for Austria, Hungary and areas toward the Black Sea, 20C+.
Mainly dry for Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Southern Scandinavia will be dry and mild. Some rain around the northern Baltic. Chilly toward the far north with local snow showers.

A messy pattern again across the continent, with areas of thundery rain extending north into Alpine areas and southern Germany. Some heavy rain for Greece. Wet and windy for Portugal and northwest Spain. Showers affect southern Spain, drier toward the east. Southern France also largely dry, whilst Biscay coasts see rain. Showery for the Low Countries.
Northern Germany and Poland should remain dry, also much of south and western Scandinavia, with fairly mild temperatures in southwest Norway, around 12C. Showery and cool around the Baltic and Finland.

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