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UK prévisions - 15-12-2017
Cold through Saturday, milder by Sunday
Cold, frosty weather gives way to cloudy, damp conditions

A cold start to the weekend is expected across many areas with a widespread frost, this moderate or locally severe over any snow cover in the north. A few showers moving into parts of NW England, Wales and SW England are expected through the morning, these perhaps wintry, locally, as they move further inland. Otherwise emphasis is on a lot of dry weather through the morning. Through Saturday afternoon and not a greal deal will change, with a lot of dry and bright, if not sunny weather for most, but remaining cold, while a few showers continue across parts of the west. Highs around 2C to 6C at best.

Saturday night
Frost will return across much of England and Wales into Saturday night with local icy patches, especially across western areas where showers may have been during the day. Later in the night cloud will thicken across W Scotland and Ireland with milder weather arriving here, along with some rain and drizzle too. Lows -3C to +4C, highest across Ireland and W Scotland by the end of the night.

A change to milder weather for all is expected through Sunday as weather fronts move down into the UK through the day bringing outbreaks of rain and drizzle, probably with some extensive low cloud and hill fog too. A clearance, from the north-west, is expected by evening, with perhaps some afternoon brightness before sunset. Highs 6C to 11C.

Sunday night
Cloudy and damp weather is expected to clear to the south and with then a ridge of high pressure dominating the weather across most areas. As a result it will be a mainly dry night with clear spells and this will allow for a slight frost across some northern areas in particular, but overall temperatures will still be higher than compared with of late, especially across southern and western areas. Lows -1C to +6C.

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