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UK prévisions - 26-04-2017
Cloudy, a little rain
Temperatures lifting slowly

High pressure centred toward the west and low pressure over the North Sea. Fronts drift across the country from the north-west, producing fairly cloudy skies, with occasional rain or drizzle, mainly in northern & eastern regions. Amounts mostly small, but locally persistent. Largely dry and bright in the west & south. A west to north-westerly breeze. Top temperatures between 9 and 12C.

Thursday night
The remnants of fronts drift southwards producing cloudy skies and a little rain for southern counties into the night. Skies tending to clear for northern regions may result in a slight frost. Winds generally light. Temperatures 4 to 7C south, 0 to 3C north.


A ridge of high pressure lies to the south-west. A fair day for many places, with sunshine and variable cloud, which will tend to fill in during the day. A scattering of showers possible, mainly around the Irish Sea in the morning, then inland across central-eastern counties by afternoon. A cool north-westerly breeze, strongest near the North Sea. Winds turning southerly for Ireland. Highs 9 to 14C, warmest south & south-west.

High pressure to the east and low pressure to the west produces a south-easterly flow across the British Isles. A fair day for many places with good spells of sunshine, and feeling warmer. Fair weather cloud filling in a little through the day. Fronts encroaching in slowly from the Atlantic bring thickening cloud to the west, and rain may develop later across Ireland. A freshening breeze. Highs 12 to 16C.