Europe - 24-07-2014
Hot in Spain
Thunderstorms Italy and Alps

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 24th July 2014
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Areas of thundery rain central-eastern Europe

Hot, dry and sunny for Spain and Portugal, low risk of a scattered afternoon shower. A fresh northerly breeze along the western Atlantic coast of Iberia. The Balearics and southern France are also hot and sunny, whilst a few thundery showers may affect Corsica. Thunderstorms are also expected for the French and Italian Alps, with scattered storms also in northern Italy and along the Italian peninsula. Sardinia and Sicily generally dry with hot sunshine. Scattered showers for the Balkan states, but most of Greece and Turkey are dry and sunny. Warm across France, but the risk of scattered thundery showers in northern France. Some thundery rain for northern Germany, and outbreaks of rain extend eastwards into Poland and Romania, some thundery bursts. A scattering of thundery showers for Switzerland and Austria. Warm for Scandinavia, with a few heavy showers in Norway and Sweden. Breezy but dry in Denmark.

Hot and dry for Spain and Portugal, but again a fresh breeze in the west. Thundery rain for the Pyrenees, and extending into western parts of France. The Mediterranean islands are mostly dry with sunshine. Thunderstorms break out across Italy and the Alpine states again on Friday. Thundery showers also for the Balkan states and mainland Greece, although the Greek Islands and Turkey are mostly fine and warm. A scattering of heavy bursts of rain for central and northern France, also Belgium and the Netherlands. Northern Germany may see some rain, but drier further south. An area of locally thundery rain continues to stretch across Poland and Romania. The Czech Republic and Hungary are mostly dry, low risk a shower. The Baltic is dry and very warm with sunshine, although a brisk easterly wind continues for Denmark. A few heavy showers for Norway and Sweden.

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