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UK prévisions - 28-06-2017
Unsettled end to June
Cool, windy north & west

Low pressure resides across the British Isles. A slow-moving frontal system affects Scotland, western Britain and much of Ireland, bringing grey skies and frequent outbreaks of rain, most prolonged in north-east Scotland. Drier for central & south-east England, but a chance of local showers by afternoon. Windy in the north & west, and feeling cool - highs 12 to 15C in west & north, 16 to 20C for the Midlands & south-east.

Thursday night
Rain continues to affect northern & western Britain, plus Northern Ireland - some heavy bursts, most persistent for north facing coasts and hills, particularly in Scotland. Patchy rain across northern England may extend into the Midlands, whilst central-south-eastern counties should be largely dry. Mostly cloudy skies. Staying windy in the west & north, local gales around coasts in the south-west. Lows 9 to 12C, locally cooler central Britain.

Low pressure over the south of Britain. Rain or showers mostly north & west in the morning, transferring south & east into the Midlands and southern England through the day, with slow-moving thundery bursts of rain into the afternoon & evening. Some sunshine, becoming generally brighter across northern Britain & Ireland. A brisk northerly wind for the north & west. Just 12 to 16C Scotland & NE England, up to 17 to 21C Midlands & south.

A brief ridge of high pressure topples eastwards across Britain. This should bring a fair day to many central, southern & eastern regions, with variable cloud and sunny spells, best in the east and near coasts. A warm front pushes into the north-west, where cloud will thicken, and rain is likely to develop for Scotland & Northern Ireland, heaviest in the west. A westerly breeze. Highs 14 to 17C north-west, 20 to 22C south-east.