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UK prévisions - 07-04-2012
Mostly Cloudy
Rain in the North West

Generally an overcast, grey and misty morning across much of the United Kingdom with some patchy bits of rain and drizzle here and there. A few brighter spells will develop in the north east. Much of England and Wales should be essentially dry through the afternoon, still with a good deal of cloud, though some breaks may allow some, fleeting, sunnier interludes across eastern parts of England. An area of more persistent and heavier rain will come in across western parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and may reach Cumbria late in the afternoon. Expect maximum temperatures today of 10 to 13 Celsius north to south.

Sunday night
Parts of England down through western parts of Wales. Overnight it set to remain cloudy and mild with heavier rain coming back into western Scotland with some rain down through western parts of England and across into Wales. Also be some patchy light rain across central and eastern parts of England, but it won't amount to much. Expect a good deal of mist over the Hills with minimum temperatures of 5 to 8 Celsius.

With a front moving across the country, Monday looks to be quite a washout with outbreaks of moderate to heavy rain expected across much of the United throughout the day the day. The heaviest of the rain, though is expected across western parts of England, western parts of Scotland and Wales. It's will also be rather windy today with gusts to is one force from Wales down through southwest England. This evening strong winds and outbreaks of rain across the southeast soon clears away with plenty of showers tonight across western parts of Britain. Elsewhere it will be dry with clear spells. Expect top temperatures of 8 to 11 Celsius.

Central and eastern parts of England will start the day, dry with good sunny spells but showers in the west and north will develop across southern areas and the morning. This will lead to an afternoon of showers, some of which will become heavy, but temporarily, interspersed with dry, sunnier spells. We could see an area of heavier, persistent rain coming into northeast Scotland. By this evening, most of the shower activity will have faded will lead to a dry, clear, colder night with a frost by morning. For high temperatures of 9 to 11 Celsius.

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