UK prévisions - 31-10-2014
Rain at times

A cloudy start for many as a weakening cold front moves east, producing a little patchy light rain for the East Midlands and south-east England during the morning. Perhaps odd drizzly showers lingering in the Peak District and north Wales. Brighter skies develop for the south-west, Wales, and north-eastern Britain in the morning, with a little sun, before clouds thicken again from the west. Rain setting in from the west across Ireland during the morning, spreading into western parts of Britain by late afternoon. A brighter afternoon for eastern England and the Midlands. Dry until late in central and eastern Scotland, showery in the north-west. Breezy for all, increasingly windy in the west, with gales around coasts and hills. Still mild in the south and east at 15 to 17C, but nearer 12 to 14C elsewhere.

Saturday night
Rain spreads eastwards to most areas overnight, heaviest in the western Scotland, Dumfries & Galloway, Cumbria and Wales. Rain becoming lighter for the Midlands, and fragmenting to mostly patchy light rain in eastern England later in the night. Rain clears for Ireland, although pulses of showery rain affect western Ireland. A brisk south-westerly wind, with gales over higher ground and exposed coasts in the south and west. Staying mild, lows 8 to 12C from north to south, although dropping cooler in Ireland where skies clear.

Breezy and unsettled. A slow moving band of rain is expected to affect southern and eastern England most of the day, and also the Midlands in the morning. Some heavy bursts of rain possible toward the south, but for many eastern counties this is likely to become a fragmented band of moderate to light rain through the day. Cloudy overall. Showers will spread onto western regions of Britain and Ireland. Eastern Scotland and north-east England likely dry most or all day. Gales around exposed coasts in the south-east and also hills in the north. Highs 11 to 15C, coolest in the north-west.

Low pressure will be centred just to the north-west of the British Isles, bringing a cool and unsettled day. Clusters of showers, merging into longer periods of rain, some heavy with hail mixed in, turning wintry over the Scottish Highlands. Showers most frequent in the west of Britain and Ireland, although pulses of showery rain spreading eastwards through the day. Belts of showers moving west to east through the English Channel affecting southern England. Eastern England drier and brighter overall. Feeling much cooler than recently, highs 8 to 12C.

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