UK prévisions - 27-02-2015
Cloudy and mild Saturday
Turning wet & windy later

Grey and damp with drizzle and light rain in eastern England to start Saturday. A strong south-westerly breeze in the south-east will ease through the morning. Winds mostly light elsewhere across Britain during the daytime, but freshening in the west later. Already nearing gale force in western Ireland by afternoon. Patches of drizzle may locally linger, most persistent around western coasts and hills. For much of England, Wales and eastern Scotland, the middle of the day will be dry, although staying mostly cloudy. Rain in the west of Ireland will set in, turning heavier and becoming more extensive by early afternoon, and then spreading into western Britain later in the day. Fairly mild at 8 to 11C for most.

Saturday night
Heavy rain affects western regions on Saturday evening, accompanied by strong to gale force winds. Wind gusts reaching 50 to locally 60mph around exposed coasts and hills in the west, and also on the south coast for a time. Rain soon clears from Ireland, but spreads eastwards across Britain late evening and overnight, turning heavy for a few hours. Heavy rain continues across Scotland. Bursts of heavy showery rain spread into the west of Britain and Ireland, locally turning wintry over hills. Staying mild beneath the rain at 5 to 8C, then dropping from the west to 3 or 4C.

A windy day, with a cool westerly wind for most areas. A mixture of sunshine and blustery wintry showers, most frequent in the north and north-west. Mostly rain at low levels, but increasingly sleet and snow over the hills of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland. Risk of hail and thunder. Some uncertainty, but another pulse of rain may move across southern Britain, giving a few hours of rain through the day. This rain may extend as far north as the south Midlands. Eastern England driest and brightest overall, although rain may reach the south-east later in the afternoon. Daytime highs 6 to 9C.

A blustery day, with frequent pulses of rain, sleet and snow spreading from west to east. The most frequent precipitation will affect western regions of Britain and Ireland. Chance of hail and a rumble of thunder. Snow may fall to low levels, although accumulations mostly confined to hills. However, where showers fall in the early hours, there may be a brief covering lower down, leaving icy conditions locally. Bands of showers move east across the country, but eastern regions of England and Scotland will fare best for longer dry periods. Sunshine will come and go. Feeling chilly in the breeze, highs 4 or 5 in the north, to 7 or 8C in the south.

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