UK prévisions - 24-04-2014
An unsettled weekend
Rain and heavy showers

A dull but dry start to Friday morning. Remaining cloudy for most with limited sunshine. Fragmented areas of rain track northwards across the UK, some heavy pulses of rain. Low cloud and drizzly rain in eastern Scotland and north-east England, where it will feel cool at just 9 or 10C. North-west England and western Scotland likely to stay dry in the morning, showers breaking out by afternoon. Rain setting in for south-west Ireland later, with freshening winds. By evening there is the risk of thundery rain moving out of France into south-eastern England. Feeling warm and humid again in central and southern England, highs 15 to 18C, locally nearing 20C in the south-east in any sunshine.

Friday night
Thundery rain continues to move north into central and eastern England, becoming more fragmented. Patchy rain also moves up through northern England and Scotland, with some heavy bursts. Low pressure to the south-west spreads a band of rain across Ireland, and into Wales and south-west England overnight, becoming patchier as it moves east toward dawn. An increasingly blustery night in western regions. Temperatures generally mild, lows 6 to 10C.

Low pressure brings showers and longer periods of rain to most areas on Saturday. Patchy rain to the north and east in the morning, easing gradually. Heavy and thundery showers are likely for Wales and the south-west, spreading into the Midlands through the day. Eastern England driest but still the risk of showers. Ireland also sees heavy and squally showers. Blustery winds around coastal areas in the west and south-west. Highs 10 to 15C, feeling cool in rain.

Low pressure still affects Britain and Ireland, centred towards the south and west. Bursts of heavy rain will circle this low, although exact details are uncertain. The south and south-west of England and Wales look most prone to catching more prolonged periods of rain. A band of rain may also affect southern Scotland and north-eastern England. Away from the rain, bright and sunny spells should break through, but always the risk of a sudden shower. Cool on eastern coasts with an onshore breeze. Highs between 10 to 16C.

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